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Home business idea: Natural flowers glowing in the dark

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Sent by: Ivanov Alexander
Added: 2008-03-02

Short description: Natural flowers glowing in the dark

Full description:
I`ve been looking for an interesting idea with great customer demand and low investment for a long time. After trying of different opportunities I came across a unique idea from Holland concerning brushing of flower buds with self-luminous paint. Owing to this original technology flowers become appealing both days and nights and pay great impression on those who received them. I’m talking of special bio-gel glowing in the dark which was developed especially for brushing over human and plant texture. It prevents a flower from fading, is absolutely harmless and doesn’t contain phosphorus. You only need a simple brush to paint over flower buds and even draw simple images such as hearts, angels, short messages like I LOVE U, etc. All you need is to offer this bio-gel and advertising boards in flower shops and florist’s of your city. Shop assistants will do the rest. Everybody who got interested in this business idea, feel free to write at oscar@vipmail.ru or ICQ 147116231.

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