Pooper-Scooper Service. Home business idea opportunity. Real freelance job vacancies, remote work, and home business opportunity. Work at home Believe it or not, you can make a very comfortable living by starting and operating a dog pooper-scooper service in your community.. Home based business opportunity. Business idea. Fair work, freelance job vacancies, work at home, home business ideas  
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Home business idea: Pooper-Scooper Service

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Added: 2006-10-29

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Pooper-scooper business is an easy business to start. It requires little investment, no special skills, and minimal equipment to operate. You already are a professional pooper-scooper service worker, if you can handle a shovel and plastic bags, and can put up with less than aromatic smells. Other way to make money by pooper-scooper service is marketing and managing the service while hiring others to do the dirty work. Tell others about your pooper-scooper service by advertising in local newspapers, pinning fliers to bulletin boards, and through dog-related businesses and clubs in the community. You'll get a flat between $30 and $60 monthly by cleaning up customers' homes or businesses. However, every visit will take you no more than 10 minutes. To start pooper-scooper business you'll need reliable transportation, garbage buckets, a cell phone, shovels, gloves, plastic bags and a good pair of rubber boots.

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