House of horrors “Rose Red”. Home business idea opportunity. Real freelance job vacancies, remote work, and home business opportunity. Work at home There is an interesting idea to create an attraction of horrors. Not only a room, but a whole house or castle.. Home based business opportunity. Business idea. Fair work, freelance job vacancies, work at home, home business ideas  
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Home business idea: Rose Red

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Sent by: N.I.N.
Added: 2006-08-01

Short description: Rose Red

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House of horrors “Rose Red”

Nowadays, how did I notice (and maybe you did it too), some people don’t have enough adrenaline in their blood. To receive it people jump with an elastic cords from bridges and towers, play in wars with paints and rubber bullets etc So an interesting idea came to my mind. Of course, it’s not for home business, but anyway it’s attractive.

There is an interesting idea to create an attraction of horrors. Not only a room, but a whole house or castle. I haven’t really thought about the name, but let it be – ROSE RED (every barber knows that movie).

Basic purposes of this project are to entrap visitor, to create a tense situation, to fright a visitor and don’t let him go out of labyrinth of rooms and halls. The task of visitor is to exit from house of horrors. And it could be very inenarrable time for doing it because visitor will not have any watches (and in the house there won’t be any clocks). Of course, in the beginning plan of the house is given to visitor. But the core is that it will be plan of the house, when visitor only entered it. But things will move by unpredictable (for visitor) scenario after coming in. Now I’ll tell some things about project realization.

We rent an apartment (of course, it’s better to built own apartment, but it’ll make project more expensive) with some (not less than 10) rooms. Rooms should be situated under each other on the different floors, should be connected with one hall and should be situated so that you could get from one room to another etc We create in hall and rooms a lot of decorations in different styles and from various epochs. It is necessary to put different mysterious and frightening objects in each room. We make double walls and ceilings in some rooms, where artists will stand and move. We should place in some rooms moving walls, which could close and open doors.

We do the tense and frightening atmosphere with different light and sound effects. It is possible to foresee water attractions, tearing clothes, using artists in roles of maniacs and murderers. These all will be, in the case, if visitor were given a warning (all terms should be pointed in the contract).
Each visitor should sign the contract, in which are preconditioned all terms; so that in future there won’t be any pretensions.

The contract negotiates in pair days of presentation. After that according to terms of the contract we start to make scenario for each visitor.

Plans for creation of different samples of rooms’ furniture, moving walls and ceilings, light and sound effects are already available. Scenarios are already available too.

If this idea had interested someone, then write me by E-mail

Author of the project: Nikolajev I. N.

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