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Home business idea: A flat at half-price

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Sent by: Yury Komissarov
Added: 2006-08-09

Short description: A flat at half-price

Full description:
(Not bad method. Especially fits for residents of big cities.)

How to solve housing problem, help to pensioners and earn at that? In this article is described one of the methods. By the way, there are companies, which do a successful business by using this or similar plans.

Conclude a contract of rent. Only not bilateral relations but trilateral.
1. The first side is an elderly person, who is ready to bequeath a flat in exchange for welfare assistance. If you are not informed, there are a lot of such people in our country.
2. The second side could be a young married couple.
3. The most important third side is you. You become a connecting part between first and second sides. Success of this job depends on you. You should find a single elderly person, who is ready to leave a flat in exchange of a life-long help. The second side you should find by yourself too. In case of signing the contract the second side is obliged to giving money (at half-price of a flat) to the third side as to the representative of the first side. For example, if the flat costs 50 000 $ then you will receive 25 000 $. In exchange the second side receives a flat.

Now is the most important part. No, you don’t fly with this money to Cyprus by the fist plane. You bring them to a bank and earn interest on your account. For example, annual interest is 10%. Some banks offer upward of it. But at this stage is important to find a bank, which won’t close with money, which are not yours yet. So we choose a solid bank, which offers not less than 10% annual interests with monthly capitalization.

In the contract must be a monthly amount of aliment for the first side. And, how you already have guessed, this aliment shouldn’t be more than monthly interests of amount you’ve deposited to the bank. In our case it’s 208$ (10% of 25 000 $ = 2500: 12 months = 208 $). It’s monthly aliment for our elderly person. It’s not a bad rise to pension for our elderly persons.

You can help by yourself or leave it to any agency, which takes care of elderly persons. One of the most important elements is that the contract relates back to the second side, which can terminate a contract and take back all deposited money. So there isn’t any fraud. But the contract is favorable for all sides. The first side receives life-long help and more or less a worthy old age. The second side in a prospect receives a private flat. The flat can be sold in the future (and the second side could receive a huge benefit at least twofold benefit). But I’m sure more than twofold benefit, because flats go up in price by every hour, especially in big cities.

What benefit is for you? Practically in this situation (with doing nothing) you receive an amount, which is not more or less than 24 500 $. You ask, why not 25 000 $? Because (Please, forgive me God!) it is necessary to you to organize the funeral. This must be prescribed in the contract too. Of course, there are a lot of nuances, but speaking about them in this article is not ethically. For example, someone could wish to artificial approach this ‘joyful’ for alls day… But let it remain on conscience of dishonest businessmen. I DO NOT WANT SUCH PEOPLE TO READ THIS ARTICLE.

If you decide to do this job, there will be some other nuances, which you should understand by yourself. But I think, you shouldn’t conclude the contract with a grandpa, who still can play ‘Flight of a bumblebee’ on accordion by two hands. It’s high probability that he lives up to your pension. This method isn’t pretending by calling ‘universal’ and you have to think over a lot of things by yourself. The contract should be made competently as the deposit of this job. The contract should protect you and other sides from attempts of a deceit at this job. Hope this article will reach a fair man and don’t grow up into another kind of swindle.

The contract you could make by yourself or get a lawyer’s opinion on the question. If you don’t have a time or a wish, I could send you a fully working copy just for 1 WMZ.

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