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Section: Freelance designer and web designer resumes
Specialization: flash, 3d, dtp
Experience: 6 years
Age: 28 years
Sex: Male
Foreign languages: English, German, Hungarian

Contact info:

First, Last name: Bela Kertesz
E-mail: info@sven.hu
URL: http://www.sven.hu

Full description:


- Design, graphic plans
- Graphic designing (3D, visualization, webpage, corporate image)
- Webdesign, corporate image design
- Banners (in different sizes)
- Existing banners mutational preparations
- Flash-based e-learning system developments
- Flash animations, spot-s and other multimedia productions
- Matte paintings.

- HTML,PHP-based web programming
- Template sites,e-mails (CSS)
- Different databases (Postgre, MySQL)

The following modules are also included:

- Menus, menu
- Visitors
- Forum
- Unique photo galleries
- Maps (flash)
- Forms, Surveys
- Polls, reviews
- Statistical records
- Multi-user access
- Download counters
- Entry
- Password-reminder and re-submit
- Dynamic multi-level admin to content
- News
- Calculator
- Online stores, etc..


Embedded videos, photo galleries, image uploading ,editing modules, intros, banners and fullflash-side scripting (AS2, AS3, XML).

vector and pixel graphics in various offline and online materials (e.g. posters, leaflets, stickers, portfolios, calendars, name plates, directories, almanacs, book covers,
businesscards, letterheads, tickets, etc.)


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