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Common Myths About Telecommuting

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"You can make a full time living right away."

False. While it is possible to make full-time money eventually telecommuting, this usually won’t happen overnight. It is sometimes possible to transfer your “in-house” job to a telecommuting position, but it takes a lot of flexibility from both parties and many employers will want to try it on a part-time basis, with part of your time still spent in-office.

Quite often, it takes working for more than one company to make enough money. After time, and you prove to them you are reliable enough for full-time work, you may be able to work exclusively for one company, instead of as a freelance worker, or as a part-time employee.

"There’s nothing but scams out there."

False. There are plenty of legitimate jobs, but it takes time, research and persistence to find them. There are many reputable job search sites, where employers and employees can make connections. The simplest way to avoid a scam is remember the best advice – never pay for a job. There are sites out there that promise to get you the high paying jobs, but you have to get a membership with them first.

Most of the time the jobs that they can find, you can find, if you take the time. There are a few sites that help facilitate freelance jobs, and take a percentage of the fee after the work is done. They hold the money in escrow while the work is being completed, protecting both parties.

"Working at home is easy."

False. Telecommuting is just as difficult as working a job outside the home, if not harder. There are new challenges. You have to balance work and family, around school, activities, and sick kids. Sometimes you need to learn a new job without someone right there to show you how. You have to be flexible, organized and self-motivating. Setting up a separate office area in the house is often a good idea, as it helps cut back on distractions (as well as being a tax deduction).

"Getting a data entry job will be easy."

False. I know most moms want this kind of a job, but it is very hard to get a data entry job. They are hard to find and get and the money isn’t always the best either. There is a great deal of competition for these jobs, especially with more people wanting to work from home. While not impossible, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd when applying for the jobs.

"Working on the phone is impossible with little kids."

False. It can be a challenge, but many moms make it work. Many telecommuting jobs, such as a phone customer service operator, have a variety of hours to choose from. If you can set up your schedule for times that the children are either sleeping, at a regular play date, or when your spouse can keep them in another room, it can work nicely.

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