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How to and Where to Advertise Your Business

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How to and Where to Advertise Your Business


It’s not a secret that business can’t exist without advertising. Nowadays it’s a giant competition between businessmen so they use all available possibilities to advertise own businesses. Below we’ve presented to you some of possibilities to make advertisements of your small business. Try to follow our advices and you’ll get a success in your business promotion.


  1. Make a Web Site of your business. It’s the best way to market your company because Internet is the greatest information source nowadays. After making a site, try to promote in the Web.
  2. Post flyers in stores like bookstores, computer stores, libraries etc. Make some t-shirts with your business information and contacts. Ask your family or friends to wear them almost anywhere.
  3. Make some business cards printed up with your web site address and other business information. You can leave them in cafes or pass to people you meet.
  4. Make a bumper sticker printed up with your business information. Place it on the bumper of your car. People would see it and get interested in what you are selling or offering.
  5. Print some flyers and put them into your town citizens’ mailboxes.
  6. Make some small things like calendars or pens with your business information and present them to people you meet or make an action at schools and present some to children. Be sure they’ll show these things to their parents.
  7. Post your advertisement into local papers and Internet news boards.
  8. Make tag lines, also called as slogans. Having a tag line is important to help with branding. Your slogan will be right under your business name, and people will associate it with you and your business.
  9. Advertise your business with favorite radio. People don’t always mention what they are listening but some time later they’ll conceive you and your business as well known and will trust you.
  10. Try to offer people special openings and prices, compare their with something to better assure people of buying your products or using your services.


And remember: No Advertising = No selling! People must be confident in you and your services.


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