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Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

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Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

Assessment Tests Take the Guesswork Out Of Your Hiring Procedures

The uncertainty comes in answering questions such as the following:


  • Does this candidate have leadership potential?

·         Will the candidate fit in with the rest of the team?

·         Will the candidate be able to successfully motivate the staff?

·         How well will the candidate interact with our customers

Usually, employers rely on their instinct from the interview process to answer these types of questions. As a result, many employers have elected to utilize some sort of personality or behavior assessment tool to achieve a more systematic and objective method of measuring personalities and behaviors. I’m a huge proponent of these tools as a supplement to behavior-based interviewing. In fact, you can use the results of these assessment tools to develop specific behavior-based interviewing questions for a particular position and enhance the effectiveness of the behavior-based interview.

First, the tool should be proven to be reliable. Second, the tool should be proven to be valid.

Assessing the Candidates

Some organizations use employee assessment skills tests to better evaluate candidates before making a job offer. Pre-employment assessment tests rate the personality and motivation of potential employees. Knowing a person’s core behavioral style will enable you to predict how a person will behave in a one-on-one situation and in a team. The benefit of this is that properly constructed assessments look below the surface to systematically predict which applicants will be the best hires for a position. When used in conjunction with an interview, a solid technical skills assessment test is a good tool for finding the employee who will be the best fit for your team.


Employee performance affects profitability. Turnover costs are especially expensive when you add up the money spent on recruiting, hiring time, orientation, and training. According to Workforce magazine, turnover costs are about 150 percent of an employee's annual salary. Assessment tests offer an extra measure for fighting high turnover.


All Tests Are Not Created Equal

Assessment test technology has come a long way from the Myers-Briggs tests commonly used in the past. Look for these key points when choosing a test:


  • Test’s measurement is highly reliable
  • Test is designed for employment purposes only
  • Assessment is a data-driven


Employers can use employee assessments to determine the strengths of existing staff members as well. Having this information on hand can enable managers to assign tasks matched to each employee’s style.


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