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The 5 Essential Telecommute Resume Components

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1. An attractive layout that is easy to read and follow.

Recruiters and hiring managers are busy people. They are often reading hundreds of resumes in a day so they don’t have time to clean up your resumes formatting.

If a hiring manager opens your e-mail attachment and the lines are out of alignment (usually from using the “tab” key) or if the font is too large/too small, they will likely hit delete and move on.

Instead of using the “tab” key and the underline function, try to use tables with borders and shading elements to design your resume. When you e-mail it out, it will retain its original format.

“I would recommend that jobseekers educate themselves and become Microsoft Word experts. Knowing Microsoft Word inside and out will save a lot of time when it comes to the layout and design of a resume.” Jennifer Anthony

2. A clearly defined goal.

It is imperative that a hiring manager know what position you are applying for and what you have to offer them. Don’t leave them guessing and don’t assume your cover letter will stay with your resume. Make sure they can glance at it and within seconds know what you have to offer them. Here is an excerpt from a writer’s resume:


Accomplished writer with 15 years of experience developing excellent materials, including experience in magazine, newspaper, and corporate writing. Versatile and capable, consistently adhering to deadlines and keeping projects on target. Proven ability to use writing skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills to succeed in independent and team initiatives.

3. Skills Summary.

There are many types of skills you can list on your resume. Focus on your job specific skills and your technology skills.

Here is an example for a legal transcriptionist:

  • Type 80 WPM
  • Legal Terminology Knowledge
  • Microsoft Word
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • Express Scribe
  • FTP Knowledge

4. Honesty.

There needs to be a trusting relationship formed in a telecommuting situation. How does the employer know that you won’t lie about how many hours you worked? How do they know you will not steal confidential information? There is no guarantee. However, I can guarantee the trusting relationship is gone as soon as you lie on your resume and you will be disqualified from the position.

Consequently, it is not in your favor to extend your old employment dates or to inflate your job titles. Companies are hiring sophisticated research companies to investigate your background. Don’t think because your supervisors are all long gone, that your record is gone too. There is always a human resources department or a payroll company that processed your paychecks. And when all else fails, they will ask for pay stubs or old tax records for proof of what you wrote in your resume. DON’T LIE.

5. Keywords/Buzzwords

Many companies are using an automated system that scans your resume for the qualifications necessary for the specific job opening. If your keywords and industry buzzwords are missing, your resume will not be selected as a match from the company database and a real person won’t even look at your resume.

Take a few moments to read through the job description to pick out the keywords used. Look at trade publications and other vacancy announcements for the same type of job to find frequently used buzzwords in your career field. Make sure to incorporate these words into your resume so yours won’t get lost in the database.

For more assistance on resume writing in general, follow these helpful links!

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