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Job vacancy: Webmaster or Webmistress

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Section: Other freelance job vacancies
Specialization: Webmaster or Webmistress
Available till: 2007-06-20
Wages: Based on Ability.

Contact info:

E-mail: job-341500037@craigslist.org

Full description:

Are you a Webmaster?
Can you photoshop, ftp, imageready
HTML? Do you hand code? Illustrator?
Any experience with e-commerce?

We are looking for pros only.
No students. No "graphic artist" pretend web masters.

Cool e-commerce company needs you to help build out the
coolest web catalogue of them all.

Can you take mini movies and turn them into animated .gifs?
Can you adjust the white balance on a digital camera?
This is required.

Are you lost in asp?
Do you .net?
You don't have to, but please know what they are?

If you are ready to work, email me your full resume and phone number.
We will contact you back to interview.

This is IN Santa Cruz, no commute, no $50 per gas a day drives.
No Highway 17 morning and night.
Walk to work!

FT, PT Contract ON SITE no telecommuting!
Salary or hourly based on ABILITY!


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