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Job vacancy: Freelance Writers for Feature Articles

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Section: Freelance job vacancies for writers, guides, moderators, journalists
Specialization: Freelance Writers for Feature Articles
Available till: 2007-06-20
Wages: Commeasurate with experience / above $75 per article

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Full description:

We are launching a website for a major natural health food company on a very tight deadline.

We’re looking for about 4-8 experienced writers who are accustomed to writing feature articles, especially on the subjects of natural living, healthy lifestyle, wellness, and fitness. Ideally, writers will have a professional background in these areas; however this is not required.

Turn-around time for this project (including topic proposals and article submission) will be about one week (starting next Tuesday or Wednesday). All edits will be done in-house, without any back-and-forth between writers/editors. So the good news is that once your articles are accepted, you’re done!

Articles will average between 400-700 words. They should be very web-friendly, meaning the sentence length will be relatively short with several headers sprinkled throughout to make the article scannable.

The style will be very important: Our client is very down-to-earth and likes speaking to readers in a casual, conversational tone that’s also fun, engaging, and easy-going. Their main goal is communicating the importance of healthy living, natural food, and a simple lifestyle. Eating well and being healthy makes you happy and is not complicated or difficult. They avoid being too earnest or preachy.

Each writer will get an assignment of anywhere between 2-8 articles, depending on their availability. Payment is on the high end of the scale (in the online content world, it’s usually low). The fee per article will entirely depend on the writer’s experience/references/work samples.

Also, please note that there will be no byline, as articles will be posted to the site as though they’re written our client.

Please send a brief email summarizing your qualifications and your resume, along with links to your online portfolio. If you don’t have an online portfolio, you can attach work samples to your message. Reference/contact information for editors you’ve worked with would be fantastic (but we understand this is usually impossible).

Special preference will be given to writers who submit writing samples that they believe best convey the tone/style we’re trying to match.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

*As a subject of email write "Freelance Writers for Feature Articles on Natural Living/Wellness (downtown / civic / van ness)"


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