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Job vacancy: Solve technical problems

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Section: Other freelance job vacancies
Specialization: Solve technical problems
Available till: 2007-06-20
Wages: salary & equity

Contact info:


Full description:

You are smart, passionate, get things done, have built at least one big web app, like solving hard problems elegantly, overcommunicate, like working in small teams, iterate weekly, and want to lead development on a product that will have a global impact on making education better and more accessible.

We like Peopleware, Getting Real, and the Joel Test. We are passionate about disrupting the education system, are building a democratic company, are an entrepreneur who has sold a company and a big-media veteran, believe devs like you are the heart of our company, don't believe in face time, believe in working when and where we are most productive, are nice guys, believe good tools help us focus on solving problems, believe in giving back, are angel funded, and want to work with people smarter than we are.

Our product is in a known market with a proven revenue model.

Visit to learn more.

We're based in Santa Monica, but want to work with the best people, regardless of where they live.

To apply, PLEASE FOLLOW BY THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. If you don't, your email will be deleted (this is to weed out Craigslist spammers, not because we're anal jerks).

Please paste your answers to these questions at the top of the email, and cut and paste your resume at the bottom of the email.

1. what is a URL of a web app you've built?

2. what's your language of choice? why do you like developing in it?

3. why does this job sound interesting to you?

4. Write (pseudo)code that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”.

*As a subject of email write "Solve tough technical problems and do some good!"


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